Private cruises

- feel the thrill of boarding your own 42-foot yacht.

Alternatively relax and enjoy the ride as our crew whisks you along the Barcelona litoral on an private 2-3 hour cruise. Freshly prepared snacks and premium quality refreshments are available throughout.
On our private cruises we encourage our clients, who wish to participate in the handling and management of the yacht, to get involved. Come sailing, and live the excitement of wind and wave.

Private Platinum Sunrise Cruise

Private sunrise cruise

The first warm rays of the sun play across the gentle ripples of the clear blue Mediterranean. The aroma of fresh pastries and coffee waft up from below decks as you spring from the swim platform into the limpid depths for your first swim of the day. A sublime experience.

When you charter our luxury yacht for the Private Platinum Sunrise Cruise, the world of sailing in style and comfort opens up to you.

Why not sail out to sea in search of dolphins or head up wind and feel the thrill of your yacht as she reacts to the fresh breeze. Choose the course you wish and enjoy the freedom of the open spaces. Sail, swim, sunbath, sightsee ... Its up to you and your party. With a private charter, weather permitting, the choice is yours.

Breakfast is served aboard your private yacht. Come and enjoy as the city awakens.

Private Platinum Midday Cruise

Private midday cruise

When the sun is at its zenith is when the Mediterranean is at its most brilliant and transparent. The colours are most vivid and one often has the impression that one can see past the horizon and beyond. The clarity of the air is breathtaking.

A luxury private charter aboard our brand new 42 foot yacht is the perfect way to capture and savour such amazing vistas.

Cruise three or four miles offshore and heave to, lower the swim platform and take a long leisurely swim while lunch on board is prepared. Take your time, unwind. Premium wines and beers, fresh local produce, personal service, total privacy. The perfect way to spend time with your friends and family. Wonderful memories.

Alternatively you can choose to sail further and faster. Participate with the Skipper and crew and learn all about your private charter yacht. Or combine the two, on our three hour Private Platinum Midday Cruise you will have time enough.

Private Platinum Sunset Cruise

Private sunset cruise

Start your evening in Barcelona with a truly memorable experience alongside your partner, family, friends or all of them with our Private Platinum Sunset Cruise. It will be a highlight of your holiday.

To see the finest sunset in Barcelona you must climb the mountains or go out to sea. The heavens extend limitlessly above you as you watch the sun dip slowly behind the city skyline and the mountains.

Aboard your luxury charter yacht you will be able to enjoy premium wines or beers and freshly prepared tapas whilst enjoying one of Barcelonas most beautiful light shows as the sun sets and the city twinkles to life in preparation for another balmy night.


- Refreshments are included and served throughout the cruises

  • Platinum Sunrise Cruise: Top quality pastries, sandwiches, fresh fruit, juices, premium teas, coffee and infusions are all included.
  • Platinum Midday Cruise: Drinks and snacks included
  • Platinum Sunset Cruise: Premium cava wines and beers plus freshly prepared tapas made with local ingredients. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menus available