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The best experience holiday in Barcelona ever

There are so many things to do in the great city of Barcelona. Of course you have hotels, musea and
bars, but let’s talk experiences.

Cheese and Olive oil tasting tour

The country side of Barcelona and Catalunya gives great produce of food that brings us to culinary
hights the envy of the world.

The best olive oils are:
 Les Garrigues
 Aceite del Baix Ebre-Montsià
 Oli de l’Empordà
 Aceite de Terra Alta
 Siurana

Olive oil tourism in Catalunya is really booming. But in combination with cheese it is a real feast. So
to continue with a best of list we give you the best cheeses:
Corbella, Becaruda, Farga, Morruda, Vera, Rojal, Arbequina

E-bike Vineyard tour with wine tasting

Yes indeed it is what you read, you rent an E-bike drive around in the country side looking for the
best wines of the region. Why breaking sweat if an electric motor can do the cycling for you. Above
all you get to taste great wines in the vineyard itself.
Nice regions are Penedès and Montserrat. Great vineyard are:
 Alta Alella
 Castillo Perelada
 Cellers Scala Dei
 Celler Can Sais

Barcelona Sailing Experience Marina Port Vell

Sea-Barcelona has two boats in Marina Port Vell. You can book a nice tour for two hours and enjoy
the skyline of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Barcelona. They serve you drinks and
snacks and you can play some music as you like. The best thing to do is to go to the front of the boat,
the bow, and sit there.
Most popular of course is the sunset cruise, but a midday cruise is as nice. So if you want to escape
the summer heat, take a boat trip with Sea-Barcelona.


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Sunset Boat Tour Barcelona

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