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A best-off Barcelona guide

Barcelona party time

Party sunset boat Barcelona

All inclusive Barcelona sailing Sunset Trip

So how to launch a great party for friends in Barcelona? Here are some tips and idea’s.

1) Arrive in the morning so you still have a full day ahead.

It’s a good idea to take your flight to Barcelona early in the morning so you arrive before noon and still can plan some activities or visit something. Otherwise your whole day is dedicated to travelling and not to fun, which is the purpose of traveling in the first place.

2) Don’t go and have a party to early.

Barcelona is a hot Mediterranean city, especially for people coming from the north. If you start to drink alcohol to early you might get a headache and ruin your nightlife. It is better to start slowly with an long aperitive on one of the many roof top bars. Like for example the one at Marina Port Vell on top of the History Museum of Catalonia.

3) Take a swim.

Indeed take a swim after you have arrived at the airport. You can go to Barcelonetta Beach near the famous swaggering W-Hotel and have some fun there. Nearby you have the beautiful Marina Vela, that is a harbour where you can go on a sailing trip with Sea-Barcelona. You can enjoy the Barcelona skyline with snacks and drinks and have a swim in full sea jumping from the sailing boat.

4) Eating and into the BCN nightlife

After a nice boat trip you can refresh yourselves in your hotel and walk up to a nice restaurant like Cal Pep. You don’t need to make a reservation to get in, the sea food is spectacular, tapas as it should be. Afterwards you can start out at the Porteno Cocktail Bar with your first Cocktail to get in the mood. If you have more then enough energy you can still go to a disco like Shôko or Pacha.


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