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The America’s Cup, also known as the Auld Mug, is the oldest international sporting trophy still active in any sport. It is a match race for sailing yachts between the yacht club that currently holds the trophy, known as the Defender, and the yacht club that is challenging for the cup, known as the Challenger. The matches are held several years apart on dates agreed between the Defender and the Challenger. There is no fixed schedule, but the races have generally been held every three to four years.

Americas Cup with Barcelona city in the background

AC37: The Trophy in Barcelona SPAIN

History of the America’s Cup

The America’s Cup was first contested in 1851 when the New York Yacht Club’s schooner America defeated 15 British yachts in a race around the Isle of Wight. The cup was subsequently donated to the New York Yacht Club by the winners. For over 130 years, the New York Yacht Club successfully defended the cup, defeating challengers from all over the world. However, in 1983, the cup was finally lost to Australia. Since then, the cup has been won by teams from Australia, Switzerland, and New Zealand. The current Defender of the America’s Cup is Emirates Team New Zealand, representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

The America’s Cup Race

The America’s Cup race is a unique and challenging event. The boats are the fastest and most technologically advanced monohull sailing yachts in the world. They are designed to sail at speeds of over 50 knots (58 mph). The races are held in a variety of conditions, including light winds and strong winds, and in a variety of locations around the world.

The 37th America’s Cup

The 37th America’s Cup will be held in Barcelona, Spain, in 2024. The Defender, Emirates Team New Zealand, will face the winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup (Challenger Selection Series) in a 13-race match. The winner of the match will become the Defender of the 38th America’s Cup.

The Future of the America’s Cup

The America’s Cup is a complex and ever-evolving event. The race organizers are constantly looking for new ways to make the event more exciting and challenging. In recent years, there has been a trend towards using more technologically advanced boats and sailing in different locations around the world. It is likely that the America’s Cup will continue to be a major international sporting event for many years to come.


Watch the LOUIS VUITTON 37TH AMERICA’S CUP from your own boat:

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